Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy

HQ-Translators respects individual privacy and upholds high ethical standards throughout our operations.

We guarantee full confidentiality of your documents. As such, we promise to use them only for the purpose of translation. We guarantee that :

  1. Your information will not under any circumstances be disclosed.
  2. Your documents will be handled only by HQ-Translators linguists who have signed a non-disclosure agreement with us.
  3. Your documents are processed by our own staff and never subcontracted.
  4. In the case that we need to disclose any information about you or your project, we will seek your authorization first.

However, the above guarantees shall not be binding where HQ-Translators is compelled by law to disclose such information. The same applies in cases where such information is or becomes public property, but is by no means disclosed by HQ-Translators.

Confidentiality of Our Collaborators and Freelance Translators

Personal information on our partners and independent collaborators (translators, proofreaders, editors, consultants, interpreters, etc.) shall remain confidential. Only the information published on our website (username, working languages, work experience, education and other information which the persons concerned wish to make public) shall be available to third parties. The other strictly private information is processed exclusively by HQ-Translators and its approved collaborators solely for the purposes of collaboration.