Translation Of English To French: What Are The Benefits Of Translating Your Website?

Translation of English to French when it comes to your website should be something to consider. If not French, then another language that is used across the globe. Having a website that only uses the English language if you want to be a global brand is not good enough.

Having a website in just one language will allow your bilingual competitors to overtake you. Translation is a great option that will mean you appeal to many more people than you would otherwise. A website that offers the option of more than one language will automatically be more affective abroad than one that only offers one. Translate English to French, for example, and you open up an entirely new set of customers. There are approximately three billion Internet users across the world, but only 28 percent of those people speak English. So this is one reason why you might considering hiring a language translator. It is never safe to assume that just because your product and services are good you can manage with a website written solely in English. Even if the people visiting your site do speak English, they may be put off because you haven’t attempted to cater for their mother tongue. This could be a big error, especially if your direct competitors do use translation services. Studies indicate that people are more likely to purchase something if the product description at least – and the entire website if possible – is written in their own language.

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