Language Translator French To English: How Does Sarcasm Translate?

Language translator French to English must contend with all sorts of obstacles when they try to translate documents. These are usually to do with the strange quirks and foibles that every language has. Not everything translates as easily as you might think it would, and this can lead to a lot of work.

Sarcasm is often thought of as a ‘British thing’, something that the English in particular are extremely good at, but in fact it is found in many different cultures. Sarcasm is a sharp, often bitter, sometimes funny way of saying something, and it usually means the opposite of the words spoken. For a language translator, that can cause difficulties. It is easier to determine what is sarcasm and what is not in the spoken word, as there is a specific tone that goes with the words. When written down, however, it can be hard to work out the intended meaning. This is often the case with letters, or works of fiction that need to be translated. Someone working on a French to English translation may have to spend some extra time determining what is sarcasm. The problem occurs because sarcasm loses its meaning when literally translated – the translator therefore must work out what is sarcasm and take the intended meaning into account when they translate the sentence or phrase. The translator also needs to account for cultures where sarcasm is not used quite as much as it is by the British. In Japan, for example, it is hardly ever used as it is considered impolite.

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