French To English Translation Online: What Can Problems Mean When Translating?

French to English translation online can lead to many wonderful opportunities. It can allow thousands – even millions – of people to read your work, understand your website, and contact you for work or friendship. However, there have been some interesting translation errors made. Although the majority of translators are experts, amateurs can make many mistakes.

Some of these mistakes can be extremely serious, which is why you should always do your research before hiring a language translator. One terrible mistake happened in 1980, when a young man named Willie Ramirez was admitted to a hospital in Florida, USA. A translator was not able to arrive quickly enough at the hospital, nor was an interpreter. Therefore it fell to a bilingual staff member to translate the medical notes. By accident, the staff member translated a word as ‘intoxicated’ rather than ‘poisoned’. This meant that the doctors treated him for a drug or alcohol overdose, when Ramirez was actually suffering from an intracerebral haemorrhage which is much more serious. The delay in treatment left Ramirez a quadriplegic. He and his family sued the hospital and were awarded $71 million. A very expensive – and tragic – mistake. This event goes to show how important a qualified, professional, and experienced French to English translation service is when it comes to translating important documents. Doing your research before committing to a translation company or individual can make the difference between getting your document translated exactly as it should be and losing time and money – or worse.

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