General Translations

General Translations

We translate documents that are of a general nature, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the target language. If your translation does not fall within a specific domain, this service is perfect for you. Whether personal or corporate, we can translate:

  • Letters
  • Articles
  • Reports
  • Documents

And more…

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Case studies (2):

Delivering High Quality Translations to a Government Investment and Promotion Agency (Since September 13, 2012)

Translation of Press releases, News Articles, and Report Updates

Why HQ-Translators?

This client requested a language service provider who could, on a daily basis and under strict deadlines, translate, edit and proofread from English (UK) into French, some news articles to be published on their website for potential French investors to read and see how active they are.

Agency Background

The Agency is a government body in charge of the promotion of national investment opportunities to investors worldwide. The institution is also responsible for assisting potential investors not only before, but also during and after their entry into the country.

The Challenge

HQ-Translators had to deliver error-free news articles, reports and press releases, written in formal and standard French to be read and understood by potential French-speaking readers interested in investing in the client’s country. In addition to this, translation assignments had to be confirmed at short notice, requiring us to be on a permanent watch out for new incoming emails.

How HQT Helped

As the client’s files included a lot of sensitive information, we had to pick, among our pool of seasoned French linguists, 3 professional and qualified individuals based in France, for the French touch to be guaranteed as per client’s requirement. The first linguist was used for translation. The second linguist was used for editing in order to ensure that the first linguist transferred all the meaning in the appropriate way into the requested target language variant. And the third linguist was used to proofread the final product, ensuring that the genius of the French language is guaranteed in all its aspects.

The Result

As a result, we delivered ready-to-publish translated, edited and proofread content that the client could directly use on their website to sell their business, confident that their message was conveyed to the right audience with the right words. Further evidence of the success of this project is that it turned out to be a long project which is running to date, for a win-win collaboration.

General Translations By HQ-Translators For a United Nations Organisation (Since January 16, 2013)

Translation and Proofreading of Newsletters and Bulletins

Why HQ-Translators?

A peer translation agency contacted HQ-Translators asking us to submit our documents in order to apply for a tender with a United Nations system organisation. The requirements included:

  • To be a native speaker
  • Hold a university diploma in translation or equivalent
  • Be a professionally qualified translator who is a member of a professional body for translation and/or interpretation
  • Have proven experience of translation in the field of international development and/or for international agencies such as United Nations agencies
  • A minimum of five full years’ experience in translation
  • Be highly service minded able to meet deadlines. We met the criteria and were thus chosen to be part of this project.

The Organisation Background

As indicated above, the organisation is part of the United Nations System, dedicated to implementing projects for the global organisation and the international financial institutions as well as governments and other partners throughout the world. They are concerned with the issue of nutrition, breastfeeding, etc.

The Challenge

Each month, the organisation issues a newsletter in English to be translated in both French and Spanish. The translation has to be done so naturally that the reader should not, at any moment, feel that it was written in a language different than the one s/he is reading from. Besides, translated and proofread output should be submitted on time for the files to follow their normal course till they land on the client’s website for consumption by the numerous readers who have subscribed to receive newsletters from the client’s website. One of the most challenging aspects in this client’s projects is and remains the deadline. At the beginning, we would always ask for an extension since the time frame given to us to complete projects were, a priori, surrealistic given the volumes compared to the deadline. Fortunately, we would split the project among as many in-house linguists as necessary in order to ensure consistency.

The result

The client’s website audience rose by 30% after 5 months due to new visitors from French and Spanish speaking countries who had signed up to receive the client’s monthly newsletter. As for us, the client is working with us to date because in addition to regular translation and proofreading assignments, we are happy to assist him even after his project for some minor updates, without charging them for the same. They rely on us as they can contact us anytime regarding any assignment of theirs and be sure to receive our confirmation.