General Sales Conditions

1. Word Count

The source word is our standard unit for assessing the size of a document to be translated. The related relevant statistics can be obtained from the text editor (e.g. MS Word or Open Office) or translation software (e.g. SDL Trados, SDL Studio, or Wordfast). However, a special arrangement can be made with our clients to this effect.

2. Invoicing

Invoices for work done shall be drawn up after the translation has been delivered and should preferably be settled between 10 to 60 days after submission, as per agreed deadlines. For our regular clients, invoices shall be sent at the end of each month for payment to be processed within 30 to 45 days upon submission, except where there is a previously negotiated special agreement.

3. Transmission-Related Delays

HQ-Translators declines all responsibility for delays resulting from transmission by email or any other means of dispatch that is not directly under its control.

4. Mutual Agreement

Only agreements concluded by the two parties (HQ-Translators and its client) shall be taken into consideration. In the event of non-payment, any partial or complete use of the translation delivered by HQ-Translators shall be considered unlawful and liable to legal action.

5. Customer Guarantees for Services

Our service guarantees are primarily based on the work quality and delivery deadlines. If you are not satisfied with any translation that we deliver, we are ready to redo the work as soon as possible, even if it means reinforcing our translation team to save time. In the case that the second version is still not satisfactory to you, and if it is scientifically established that the translation is of low quality, (i.e. a neutral third party translator/proofreader/editor confirms that the work is not acceptable) we will refund all your money. This case, however, is unlikely.

6. Delays

In the event that delivery is delayed by more than one third of the agreed deadline and where HQ-Translators is liable for such delay, we undertake to sort things out as per your proposal.