Translate English Into French: What About Confidentiality In The Cloud?

Translate English into French seems like an ordinary request that someone might give to a translator, but there is more to it than there might first seem. How do you know that your translation service, or the specific translator you have chosen, is taking your confidentiality seriously, particularly in relation to the cloud?

This is an important thing to think about. The document that you give to a language translator might be highly confidential, or private. But even if it isn’t, you shouldn’t have to worry that anyone other than the translator is actually reading it. A professional, expert English to French translation service will be able to guarantee that there is no breach of confidentiality, but not all services can promise this. Where do the problems lie? One potential confidentiality issue is the translator using cloud storage. Although it is a safe place to save documents so that they are not damaged in a technical breakdown, there are security breaches that have happened with the cloud. Although the majority of these accounts are perfectly safe, there is always a chance that the work can be compromised. Many translators use cloud based storage, and for good reason, but unless their security measures are kept up to date and are used, there could be problems for you, the owner of the manuscript. Check with your translator that all their security measures are in place, and find out what they do to ensure confidentiality.

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