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Professional Translation Agency

Get Excellent Translation Services to Convert Your Business Document into Desired Language

Internet has given businesses the opportunity to go global. However, to utilize this opportunity completely, you need to communicate to and with a diverse group of audiences in different languages. The most glaring issue is, how do you communicate with your target audience, which may correspond in any of the various languages spoken around the world. The answer is hiring the best language translation services. This will help you to make your presence felt at the global platform. Professional translation is the only solution to the language barrier. Once you start your business, you will realize that you need professional translation in almost every aspect of your business from developing your global website, preparing your marketing plans and executing them to sending emails to your clients. Thus, hiring a technical translation company is essential for your business accomplishment. HQ-Translators heralds as a professional and reliable translation agency. We ensure quality work within the given deadline. We have a team of native and experienced translators that are professionally qualified.

Our Language Translation Services

Our services include technical translation, document translation, business translation, medical and scientific translations, high-tech and multimedia translations and PEMT. Technical translation is one of our major areas of specialization. Our experts deal with automotive, agriculture, engineering, manufacturing, telecommunication and many other types of projects. In business translation our team handles business contracts, financial documents, notarial acts, CV, birth certificates and diplomas. From medical documents to video games, HQ-Translators will give you the opportunity to have an instant connect with your target group.

Why Choose Us ?

Thanks to our proven working methods, our talented and dynamic staff, as well as our commitment to ethical and professional values, we provide quality translation, editing, proofreading and desktop publishing services to a wide variety of clients all over the world on a daily basis. This rich, diversified, and exciting experience is evident in the numerous projects we have successfully completed and which have received positive feed-backs from various outsources. For this to happen, we deploy a consistent team of linguists within the framework of each project, and never deliver a translated file unless it has been double-checked by an editor, a proofreader, as well as a specialist in the area concerned.

Our Expertise
  • img1 Technical Translations

    Automotive industry, architecture, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, electronics, engineering, transport, logistics, etc.

  • img2 Business Translations

    Legal instruments, business contracts, financial documents, notarial acts, curriculum vitaes, resumes, birth certificates, diplomas,etc.

  • img3 Medical and Scientific Translations

    Guides, medical documents, environment, climate change, environmental protection, etc.

  • img4 High-tech and Multimedia Translations

    Equipment, consumables, software, video games, websites, etc.

  • diversity PEMT

    Do you need to have a document translated but are running low on your budget? Then, PEMT is what you need.

Other Services

Did you, for one reason or another, entrust your documents to an inexperienced service provider and would like them to be corrected so they faithfully convey your intended message?


We have got what it takes to turn your brand identity design needs into reality